Our "giving back to the community" event.

By Romy H

It all started with Covid-19, the corona virus outbreak. In February we heard a virus named Corona had spread in China. We didn’t really knew what was going on since there were a lot of theories and speculations about the virus. On march 16, 2020 it became our reality as well. Bohol went in full lockdown and people were ordered to stay at home, putting the most vulnerable families who rely on the informal economy to survive at immediate danger of not having enough food during lockdown. 

Two months passed by and during this two months we were trying our best to help our workers and colleagues around us by making relief food packs. We didn’t want to leave anyone behind as we were navigating through the pandemic but as you can understand, we were not able to do this alone. The tourist industry is one of the most affected and we had and still have no idea how long it will take before we are back on our feet. 

After receiving a message from our friend and former instructor about wanting to help us with a financial donation for our crew, we came up with the idea of asking for donations so that we could give financial support to the community. We asked for YOUR help and received more donations then we would have ever expected. We were able to help and provide food relief good packages for more than 200 families! 

On May 16th we received all the food for the packages and with the help of our crew, dive masters and instructors we were able to pack more then 200 bags. 

We have been organizing for weeks, from making sure the family’s who really need it are invited to the food deliveries. Luckily the bakery next door would provide help with contacting delivery companies. They also provided more than 200 breads for our food relief packages. With this order we also helped them as they are a small local business. 

With the social distancing we had to make a plan, as you can imagine 200 people at the same time would have not been the most efficient and safest at that point. We divided the people in to 4 groups. We would start at 9:00AM so the first group could come from 9:00AM till 9:30AM. The second group from 9:30AM till 10:00AM, third group from 10:00AM till 10:30 AM and the last group would come from 10:30AM till 11:00AM. Every family got a number so that when you arrived at the dive center you could show your number to us and that would mean you are getting the food relief package. We would have loved to invite everyone but that was not possible so we had to make a system to make it go smooth and easy. 

May 17th, 2020. Today is the big day. Everyone is ready to give back to the community!  It was a big successful day for us giving the relief goods to more than 200 families. Rice, milk, canned goods like sardines, meat loaf & corned beef, fresh bread and noodles. Giving back to the community is one of the best feelings in the world and seeing some happy faces during these though times was really worth it. 

Another successful giving back to to the community effort is that we are helping with feeding the kids of Daorong, Danao (the community where we are situated). We are helping by financially supporting a local family who is organizing the kids feeding every week. Small and simple but we make more than 100 kids in the neighborhood happy with a full tummy every week. Until now we are still supporting wherever we can.

Thank you lady Venzky and her family for making this possible and to all the volunteers and supporters, thank you! 

We are so grateful for everyone who have been donating! This made us realize how many people are willing to help and we are more than proud of our family, friends, team, Haka ocean warriors and so many more! Thank you so much again for your donations and your big hearts. We could have never done it without your help.

We will continue our mission as a dive center for conservation and for community. 

Together we are strong!

Sea You Soon -

Haka Team

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