Pamilacan island is a wild authentic non touristic island and it’s another top diving destination. Maybe it’s not as famous as Balicasag Island, but at the dive spots aroud the island we can find amazing marine life and plenty of stunning soft corals. On the way there, if we are lucky, we can spot some dolphins.

Pamilacan Sanctuary

Near the Spanish Tower dive spot we find Pamilacan Sanctuary, close to the protected area surrounded by buoys where scuba diving is not allowed. The dive starts in the shallow area full of corals after we enter the steep slope rich in macro life. There can be a small current.

Dakit Dakit

Dakit-dakit means “tree” n the local language, Visaya. In the south-eastern point of Pamilacan Island there is a sandy slope decorated with huge trees of black sun coral, soft corals and long wipe corals. If as usual there is a moderate current we
will do a drift dive.

Spanish Tower

We begin the dive in front of the 200 years old Spanish fort (only one tower remains) located at the northeast of Pamilacan Island. There is a slope with huge rocks and coral formations, and the shallow area is decorated with a wonderful coral garden. 

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