Virgin Island is a sandbank in the middle of the ocean. The island is surrounded by 1 big wall and the shallow areas are full with colorful corals and macro. 

Gak Ang

This dive site is located in front of the small island of Gak Ang. The dive starts in a sandy shallow area of 3 meters, as we move forward we find many hard corals and reef fish, after this starts a steep slope full of soft corals, the slope is rich in angelfish, butterflyfish, damsels, frog fish and nudibranchs.

Puntod Wall

Located off the coast of Doljo, is Puntud Island. There are caves, overhangs, and soft and hard corals that will make you love this dive site. The wall begins at a depth of 3 meters and goes down to a depth of 45 meters. The safety stop, on the shallow sandy pads with beautiful corals and plenty of fish, will delight you.

Virgin Island

Virgin island is surrounded by wall. The wall is full of hard corals and we can find macro hiding like shrimps and crabs. The dive starts at 3 meters in a sandy area with coral formations and when we reach 8 meters the wall starts where we can find a garden of corals. If we are lucky a whale shark will swim by in the blue!

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